Supporting teachers.
Motivating students.

For secondary schools, Sparx Maths is a complete solution that supports teachers in planning, delivering and reviewing both lessons and homework throughout Key Stage 3 and GCSE.

Benefits for school leaders, teachers and students range from personalised learning for every student, a unique bookwork check feature and incredible real-time insights into class and student progress for teachers.

Sparx Maths Homework is available as a standalone solution providing personalised learning for students at home.


High quality questions
handwritten in-house


Video tutorials encourage independent learning

130 million

Bespoke data points create personalised learning

Benefits for school leaders and teachers

Powerful insights:

Real-time insights into class and student progress support teachers and allow leaders to immediately identify trends.

Saves time:

With less administration, planning and marking, teachers can focus on teaching, intervention and tailored support.

In class and at home:

A complete classroom and homework solution.

Differentiation for students:

Every single student automatically receives personalised homework which includes revision and consolidation.

Improves outcomes:

Increased student engagement and additional teacher time improves learning outcomes.

Reliable, trusted content:

Written and rigorously tested by our in-house team comprising teachers, tutors, mathematicians and grammar specialists.

Benefits for students

Personalises learning:

Every student has a personalised learning experience that is challenging but achievable for them.

Independent learning:

Thousands of video tutorials encourage independent learning for every topic.

Motivation and confidence:

As learning is at the right level, every student can experience success. Increased motivation and confidence in maths has a direct impact on progress and student mental health.

Supports learning and understanding: 
Sparx values the importance of a student’s written workings and answers and uses a unique Bookwork Check feature.

The checks support showing workings to promote and demonstrate understanding, as well as being good preparation for written assessments.

Benefits for parents/carers

Providing reassurance: 

A weekly email keeps parents/carers informed about their child’s education.

Supporting parents/carers:

Emails contain a link to a topic-based help video, empowering parents/carers to help their children with homework.

A unique approach to teaching

Four key pillars underpin Sparx Maths to create a completely unique approach to teaching and learning maths.

Research and data driven


Adaptive technology

Support of a community