Passionate about making a difference

From simple roots

As a lecturer in mathematics, Mark Dixon had always been aware of the social and commercial impact of low levels of maths attainment, both nationally and around the world.

This came into sharp focus through his experience as a parent – providing him with a clear understanding about the level of challenge faced by many students in acquiring even the most basic maths’ skills and by parents looking to help their children.

In 2010, Mark started investigating ways to tackle some of these issues, creating in the first instance a simple series of tutorial videos to be shared amongst friends.
The spark of an idea.

Teachers, parents and students are our biggest advocates.

Feedback from the Sparx community is vital to our development.  Not only do we welcome it, we are in schools literally every single day to help us understand what is working well and what we can do better.

For the first time in 12 years, I have the confidence to increase my part-time teaching hours to (almost) full time. This is directly due to Sparx and the enormous time-saving nature of this fantastic classroom and homework product.

Philippa Stevens, Maths Teacher, St James School

 I like doing my Sparx homework because it’s better than all the other homeworks. It chooses the questions you get and how many you get depending on what you struggle with and what you’re good at. 

Student, St James School

 I am really impressed with the new Sparx maths platform. It feels like a great step up from other online software, and more importantly, my child is really engaged with it. It is SO great to see him feeling confident and enthusiastic about maths, we really appreciate all the extra effort you guys are putting into him. Keep up the great work! 

Parent, St Peters School