Company information

About Sparx

Sparx is a socially focused learning technology company which aims to improve numeracy and life outcomes for more than 5 million learners globally by 2030. Founded in 2010, Sparx has worked closely with schools to research the way that maths is taught and learnt. As a result, Sparx has developed Sparx Maths, an award winning, personalised approach to maths for 11 to 16 year olds. Sparx Maths is underpinned by an adaptive technology platform which gives each learner the specific and rich content they need to progress in maths.

Schools using Sparx Maths report increases in attainment for learners and view the platform as a catalyst for transformational change in their schools and in the lives of their learners.

Sparx’ CEO is Dan Sandhu and the principal shareholder is Oxygen House.


About Oxygen House

Oxygen House is a group of like-minded companies which combines patient capital with farsighted altruism in pursuit of a better educated, carbon-neutral society. Focusing on data analytics, education, sustainable property development, renewable energy, and city planning, we harvest the beneficial outcomes of impact investment, where financial return and community wellbeing are symbiotic. The corollaries are broader societal advance, awareness of the importance of arresting climate change and, ultimately, a cleaner, smarter, more prosperous world.