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Every single question within Sparx Maths is devised and handwritten by our Content Team which comprises mathematicians, scientists, teachers, tutors, graphic designers and grammar experts.

We have combined our individual experiences and knowledge with hours of development, classroom observation and data gathering to produce content that is high-quality, inclusive, designed to ensure maximum student engagement and that promotes genuine learning.

Solving two-step equations

Watch our head of content Abi Clark as she discusses the common misconceptions learners have when learning how to solve two step equations. In this video she discusses some methods Sparx Maths uses to help this misconceptions. 
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Our topic posters are free for you to use in class or perhaps as a virtual backdrop for your current virtual lessons. 

Check out our content posters, these are designed for teachers. We hope you’ll agree they showcase the breadth and depth of the content within Sparx Maths. 

Sparx Maths example questions

Take a look at our example questions showcasing a range of the topics we cover. 

Year 7 

This example focuses on equivalent fractions.

Year 8

This example focuses on area and circumference of circles.


This example focuses on right angle triangles.


See a wider example of our GCSE questions.