The Edtech 50 Schools awards were announced on 8 May at a celebration event held at the House of Lords. Fifty schools were highlighted as pioneering the use of education technology (edtech) to make the greatest difference to pupils, staff and parents from across the UK. The full report also marks ‘ones to note’ and ‘ones to watch’.

An independent judging panel – made up of educators and edtech experts – selected the winners for the ‘Edtech Oscars’.

The Ted Wragg Trust and Cranbrook Education Campus were jointly marked as ‘one to note’, recognising their use of digital to support teaching and learning. The trust and school have improved maths attainment, reduced teacher workload and receive real-time insight into pupils’ progress through the adoption of Sparx Maths Homework. We have been working in partnership with the trust for over eight years, investigating how young people learn and creating a new approach to learning, delivered through a combination of traditional teaching methods, our own sophisticated technology and highest-quality content.

Dan Sandhu, CEO at Sparx, shares his view on the report:

“I congratulate all those schools selected in the very first Edtech 50 Schools list. It is a real testament to the digital leadership and practice I see first hand happening in schools across the UK.  


“The DfE’s edtech strategy stressed the need for partnerships between schools and edtech businesses in their fullest sense. This can include selling products and services but needs to be more profound. Edtech businesses need to help nurture networks and hubs across the country to help share their expertise, and to also hear directly from schools about their needs. 


It is only with a joined up approach that the Edtech 50 Schools can become the Edtech ALL schools.”