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Data points create bespoke homework


Homework questions
answered and marked


Sparx has helped 5,700+ students 

The science

The roots of our approach can be found in science and research. For more than seven years we have been investigating how young people learn and working with our partner schools to continually explore what works best.

The result is not an off-the-shelf software product – it is an approach to learning, delivered through a combination of traditional teaching methods, our own sophisticated technology and highest quality content.

In schools, Sparx is currently delivered through independent learning in class, or homework, providing one hour of bespoke homework for every student, every week.

Unique content, covering the KS3 and GCSE maths curriculum, is devised and written by our in-house teams. Thousands of questions are backed up by tutorial videos that help explain concepts.

Flexible options allow for the use of our own Scheme of Learning or a solution to work with any school’s Scheme of Learning, including Mastery.

The data


Tutorial Videos

Over 7,300 tutorial videos for
maths homework encourage
independent learning.


Over 31,000 Questions

Our adaptive system searches our bespoke content to deliver exactly the right level of challenge.


Classroom / Homework Hours

Sparx has delivered over 149,000 hours of work either in the classroom or as completed homework.

The technology

Sparx’ intuitive, adaptive technology creates an individual learner profile and delivers the right level of challenge for each student.   

Completely personalised homework is set and marked automatically, according to the Scheme of Learning and appropriate extension work is always available for those who want to challenge themselves.

Our developers are constantly researching and creating new ways to engage, motivate and reward pupils – making learning fun.

Sparx is teachers, mathematicians, content scientists, software developers, parents, linguists and artists, with a common goal; to empower educators and motivate students.

The passion

Sparx is the most consistent, high-quality and bespoke homework system we know of. Sparx engages students, enabling them to be successful and make real progress
in their maths. There’s no way we’re going to
go without Sparx homework here because we’ve
seen the impact it has.

Tim Rutherford – Headteacher, West Exe

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