Sparx, the socially focused learning technology company, has today announced that its award-winning personalised approach to learning, Sparx Maths, has been selected by IES (International Education Systems) to support its students in selected English-speaking schools across South Africa, Europe and the USA. This new partnership represents the first international deployment for Exeter-based Sparx.

Sparx Maths is a complete solution that supports teachers and students in class and at home by reimagining the way maths is taught using machine learning, personalised content and data analytics. Based on eight years’ research with UK schools, there is clear evidence that Sparx Maths increases progress and attainment in maths for learners. Additionally, the sophisticated technology allows teachers to provide tailored support and intervention which increases the effectiveness of their teaching in every maths lesson. Based on a recent Teacher Workload Survey, Sparx Maths saves teachers on average 30 minutes per class per week by handling non-teaching tasks such as planning lessons, setting and marking homework, sending emails to parents and monitoring class and student progress*.

IES’s initial implementation of Sparx Maths includes three schools in South Africa as well as schools in Italy, Florida (USA), Hungary and the UK. In each territory, Sparx Maths will help to support the teaching and learning of maths for students aged 11-16 years, including those studying maths GCSE and IGCSE.  

Mark Redsell, Academic Director of IES commented, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Sparx. IES is committed to being at the forefront of education technology and we are hugely excited about the benefits that this cutting-edge personalised approach to learning maths will bring to so many IES students.”

With Sparx’ technology subject to rigorous peer review and in-school testing, it ensures the very highest quality content is continually delivered through Key Stage 3 and GCSE. Sparx has developed its own schemes of learning – developed in collaboration with partner schools – which align to key exam boards including OCR, Edexcel and AQA but can also be mapped to a school’s existing scheme of learning. 

Dan Sandhu, CEO of Sparx said:

Our partnership with IES marks an important new chapter for Sparx as our first international partnership. Both Sparx and IES have a strong commitment to impactful innovation, proven effectiveness and collaboration which makes this an ideal partnership with which to pioneer our approach to maths learning on the international stage. The UK makes a huge contribution to the edtech sector globally and we are excited that proven technologies developed in direct collaboration with UK schools are making impact internationally.

“We’re excited to be helping young people across the globe to learn maths in a proven and effective way, enabling them to make more progress more quickly and supporting teachers to deliver their best. This brings us one step closer to our goal of improving numeracy, and therefore life opportunities, of over five million learners worldwide by 2030.”

*Compared with UK national norms, Sparx students made 67% more progress in year 7 and a further 63% more progress in year 8, and 70% of pupils had reached the expected KS3 standard by the end of the fifth half term in year 7 – more than a year earlier than in the national cohort.

** Pictured above is Mark Redsell, Academic Director of IES and Lindsey Palmer, School Relationship Executive for the IES schools.