Introduce, Strengthen, Deepen

You may have noticed in your recently run lessons that we have renamed the three tasks within our classroom objectives to ‘Introduce’, ‘Strengthen’ and ‘Deepen’

The main reason for this change is to better reflect the design and purpose of each task so it’s clearer what role they can help to play within your lessons.

We know that even in setted classes, there’s a wide range of attainment and this can vary greatly depending on the topic being taught. Sparx objectives are designed to help you ensure all students are tackling questions in their ‘learning sweet spot’. 

  • The Introduce task provides scaffolding for students who need it, but is quick to complete for those who don’t need as much support.



  • The Strengthen task builds upon the concepts introduced in the first task, asking questions in unfamiliar ways and often linking to other areas of mathematics.

  • The Deepen task explores topics in even greater detail and is full of those all important reasoning and problem solving questions.


These tasks have been designed to help you ensure students are working on the optimum questions and experiencing the success of completing tasks along the way. 

We hope you agree that there are some rich and valuable questions within the ‘Strengthen’ and ‘Deepen’ tasks that aim to do just that: Strengthen and deepen your students’ understanding of a given topic.