Why our Schools love Sparx Maths

We know Sparx Maths is proven to make a difference but we though you might like to hear first hand from our schools the difference its making to their students.

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West Exe

West Exe School

An interview with Richard Claydon: maths teacher at West Exe School Sparx Maths is a really useful tool, which plans really high-quality content for you... You can spend more time planning other important things for your lessons, such as how you are going to model questions or teach content.


St James School 

St James is a mixed secondary school in Exeter. With over 650 students, they are committed to raising standards to help their students move onto exciting post 16 activities and ultimately helping them to lead successful lives.


Udine International School

Sparx Maths was chosen by the International Education System (IES) Group to support the teaching of maths in five of its schools. 

Gems first point logo (1)

GEMs First Point School

In autumn 2020 the maths department at First Point School started trialling Sparx Maths across all year groups. It quickly became ingrained in the maths department and with the students.

Why our schools loved Sparx Maths during lockdown