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REPORTS: HoD End of Term

End of term reports provide Heads of Maths with ‘at a glance’ overview  and insights into class wide progress in the preceding term.

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ABSTRACT: Why trial design matters

Published abstract looking at reasons why trial design in educational research is so vitally important. 

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SURVEY: Student motivation

This short summary shares the findings of a survey of Year 7 students looking at what affects their motivation levels when learning maths.

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REPORT: Why Sparx Maths works

In this report, we explore the evidence from educational research that helps explain why Sparx Maths is highly effective for improving student learning and helping teachers teach.

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REPORTS: MAT End of Term

Multi-Academy Trust reports provide insights into student progress in maths compared with other academies in the group.

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EVALUATION: Student progress

Summary of progress made for the first cohort of Sparx maths students through years 7 and 8.

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RESEARCH: Length of homework

Research into the relationship between homework length and attainment for Year 7 students.

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ANALYSIS : Sparx' impact on teacher workload

In this report, we analyse the results of a recent survey of teachers from Sparx schools about whether Sparx is helping  to reduce their workload.

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