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Driven by research and data

The roots of our approach can be found in research and data. For eight years our Education Research and Data teams have been working to understand more about teaching and learning maths and those evidence-based insights are applied on a daily basis to refine and inform what we do. Which means that Sparx is constantly evolving in order to maximise the impact we can make. Members of our team are regular contributors to education industry conferences and research initiatives reflecting our belief in collaboration in education. We are always happy to share our learning.  View our latest reports here.


Research into the length of homework

A digitally-delivered, double-blind randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of homework length on Year 7 students’ attainment in mathematics revealed that homework length was very significantly associated with the change in student attainment.

Student motivation survey

In recent research, we found that maths confidence is strongly associated with student progress and attainment, followed by maths enjoyment and perceived importance of maths.

Progress of Sparx Maths Students

In a recent evaluation of the progress of the first cohort of Sparx Maths Students through Years 7 and 8, we found that the Sparx cohort made significantly more progress than the average for the comparison cohorts.

Carefully and intricately designed content is of the utmost importance. Over 32,000 questions covering the KS3 and GCSE maths curriculum are devised and handwritten by our content team which consists of over 30 mathematicians, scientists, teachers, tutors, graphic designers and grammar experts. We have combined our individual experiences and knowledge with hours of development, classroom observation and data gathering to produce content that is high-quality, inclusive, designed to ensure maximum student engagement and promote genuine learning.

Questions are backed up by tutorial videos on every single topic that help explain concepts in different ways and encourage independent learning. Our Scheme of Learning maps the national curriculum and is aligned to every major exam board. Schools are also able to flexibly organise Sparx content to support their own Schemes of Learning.

Unique content

Unique content for KS3 & GCSE

32,000+ questions, 7,700 videos

Written and devised in-house

Adaptive technology

Powerful, intelligent technology incorporating sophisticated algorithms sits behind the Sparx learning platform. We understand that Artificial Intelligence can be a challenging subject, but for us it’s simple. AI is not about replacing teachers.  It’s about using the very best of modern technology to work in parallel with the core skills of the teacher, supporting and augmenting what they do on a daily basis.  Whether that’s removing onerous and time consuming admin tasks, creating completely personalised homework, or providing real-time powerful insights into student progress, our adaptive technology provides teachers and learners with unparalleled support.



Over and above the real-time insights delivered on an ongoing basis by Sparx, End of Term reports deliver valuable insights to teachers and school leaders at student, class, school and MAT level.


Over and above the real-time insights delivered on an ongoing basis by Sparx, End of Term reports deliver valuable insights to teachers and school leaders at student, class, school and MAT level.

Sparx Maths is not a short-term, plug and play software solution. When schools sign up for Sparx Maths they join a thriving community providing practical support, mentoring, training, CPD, peer engagement, access to a wealth of research and data and some fantastic, fun community events too.  Collaboration with schools has been a core part of Sparx’ development.  Our product team are constantly in our Partner Schools, looking at what is working well, what needs refining and listening to Sparx Leaders, teachers and students.

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