Improving the world through learning

What is Sparx?

Schools face significant challenges that have a real impact on everyday school life. Sparx has a passion for finding answers and a genuine desire to improve the world through learning.


more progress using Sparx*


more progress - Pupil Premium students*


homework completion

Source: *Sparx Homework vs non Homework research.

Sparx for School Leaders & Teachers

Provides vital insights

Daily insights into class/student progress provide an instant overview and allow leaders to immediately identify trends.


Reduces admin time

With less admin, planning and marking, teachers can focus on teaching, intervention and
tailored support.


In class or homework

Used in class as an independent learning tool or to provide a complete homework solution.

Differentiation for every student

Delivering different homework for every single student, our technology provides the right level of challenge at the right time.

Improves student outcomes

Increased student engagement, additional teacher time and a bespoke learning experience drive improved outcomes.

Reliable, trusted content

Content is completely bespoke, rigorously tested and highly respected.

Sparx for Students

Personalised learning

Every student has a personalised learning experience. Sparx is completely adaptive and searches 20,000 questions to deliver the right level of challenge.


Independent learning

Thousands of tutorial videos, for every maths topic, support independent learning.

Motivation to learn

Students are rewarded with the chance to collect XP or play games.

Sparx for Parents 

Providing reassurance

A weekly email keeps parents informed
about their child’s education.


Supporting parents

Parent emails contain a link to a topic-based help video, empowering parents to help their children.


I am confident that they not only have the wellbeing of my staff in mind but are genuinely interested in finding ways of working with us to help our students’ progress and reach their full potential. I am delighted to be part of the Sparx community.

Roger Pope CBE – CEO Education South West

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